Before the beginning

We’ve always loved and believed in real estate.  Straight out of college Lee bought our first investment property with a partner.  We sold it years later for what seemed like a huge profit. Oh, if we had only know.  But it was a successful investment and the first of many, but we hadn’t considered real estate as a career.

We were living a perfectly happy life in the Sierra foothills on a lake not far from Lake Tahoe.  We started running marathons, 26.2 miles, as a way, an excuse, to travel the world.  We were in great shape.

But Barbara started to not feel right.  She suddenly started to have aching joints, memory loss, her hair was falling out in clumps and, even though she still ran, she started to gain weight.  The doctors she saw were completely at a loss until one asked, “have you ever been tested for Lyme?”

The Lyme test was positive and so began a long and sometimes painful series of treatments.  She was told that some of the things that would help were getting out of the cold, damp mountain climate to some place that was warm and at a lower elevation where there would be more oxygen in the air.  She was told swimming in salt water would help.

And so, one cold rainy winter she visited Lahaina for 2 weeks.  The affect  was just short of miraculous. Both she and Lee knew that a move to Maui would be a good thing, maybe the only thing for her health.

But what are we going to do on Maui?

Lee was running a marketing consulting company at the time with several real estate companies as clients.  His job was to generate leads and inquiries for the agents through advertising and the internet. The programs he implemented were very successful, but there was a problem.  It was documented that over 90% of the inquiries that came in to the various companies were never responded to by the agents.

I just wanted to pick up phone and call those people myself.  Here are agents that say they want business and prospects with some level of interest, maybe they need to buy or sell right away, and the agents aren’t even trying to connect.

They didn’t understand what was at stake.  Barbara and I knew we could do a better job.  We’d had a truly great agent in a transaction in Reno, one of our investment properties.  She was on it. She knew what was at stake and was willing to do the work to get it done.  We thought we could do that in Maui and make a difference for people.


The Beginning

We wanted to live in Maui and we saw an opportunity in real estate that allowed us to use our resources and skills in an industry that we liked – we love real estate! We are experienced home owners and real estate investors who have been on both sides of industry trends (made money and lost money!) Real estate has helped us in the past to grow our assets/net worth, and we firmly believe that when it’s purchased right, it’s still a great way to grow personal wealth and improve quality of life and nurture our families.

We experienced a lack of concern and professionalism from real estate agents we had worked with and felt we could provide a higher level of service. We wanted to create a business with high standards of client service and integrity that would allow us to contribute to the community and provide a living for us


The Challenge

We started our business in 2006, right before the industry headed into a long, severe downturn, and we were an unknown quantity in a very competitive market

We invested in Maui properties at the height of the market and lost more than 50% of the value in those properties. The sales volume in the industry took a nosedive, and our income did too – distressed properties led the way in the market. We had personal financial difficulties trying to hang on, resulting in personal bankruptcy and one foreclosure, all the while keeping the business going.

We invested in education for SFR and CDPE after deciding to focus on distressed properties as a way to help others experiencing the same challenges we were facing and to take advantage of the industry problems.


The Success

Our purpose is to help our clients solve their problems and achieve their goals – real estate is a very important aspect of their lives. Shelter is a basic human need.  Many of our clients are dealing with personal and financial crises when they come to us:  potential foreclosure/financial difficulties, family changes (death, divorce, disease, new family members, forced relocations, job losses). Others have a dream of owning Maui real estate for a second home or retirement or as an investment that helps them meet their long term goal of quality of life in Maui.

We strongly believe that we need to take the time to understand our client’s needs and desires, help them understand the market and their options, keep them informed so that they make the best decision possible, and be diligent in protecting their interests at all times.

The success we have achieved to date is a testament to our beliefs and values – clients have used our services repeatedly and referred friends and associates to us because they have confidence in our integrity, professionalism and commitment to excellent service, regardless of the financial situation or potential rewards to the brokerage.

Aloha Group Maui is the most respected and sought after real estate group in Hawaii.  Our reputation is based on our platinum level customer service, the genuine care we have and demonstrate to all of our clients and the way we conduct ourselves with our peers, and the technical expertise within the group.  The group is polished in an island kind of way.  It is professionally staffed to meet the needs of our associates and clients. We work hard, but we take a little time to have some fun and we do what we can to be healthy.

Our group is an important source of financial support, resources and sweat equity for the community, making a difference in the lives of island residents on a regular basis.