What’s at Stake

 What’s at stake?  For most people buying real estate, the stakes are huge.  Maybe the highest they’ll ever deal with in their lives.  Whether it’s a first time buyer, someone buying their “forever after” home, or someone in between making the decision, going through the process and making the outlay necessary for that house is likely biggest, most important financial decision they’ve ever made.  Even for the investor, each real estate purchase is likely a sizeable and therefore crucial portion of his/her investment portfolio.

For sellers it’s the same thing.  Maybe they are selling because the family has grown or they’re downsizing or maybe the family is breaking up.  In each case the sale represent a significant change.  It’s a change from something familiar, probably something that at times has been very comfortable, to something unknown.  Change is stressful, and when there is a lot of money at stake and making a bad decision or losing your stake would take a long hard time to recover from, change is even more stressful. 

For those of us who work in real estate every day, we run the risk of becoming blasé.  We look at purchase contracts all the time.  We list property all the time.  It can become rote.  At its worst it becomes just another contract, oh well.  And, to be honest, one contract more or less is not going to change my life, but it might just change the life of a client.

We deal with the process on a daily basis.  Writing contracts, searching for homes, marketing homes, slogging through the loan process, struggling through escrow.  For us, it’s second nature.  For a client that does this, what? – every 5 to 10 years – it is scary, it is stressful, it is exciting, and it’s filled anticipation of good things and bad.  For them, there is so much at stake.  It can be a nightmare, or it can be wonderful. 

Make it wonderful!